Online Counseling,线上咨询

Online Counseling,线上咨询









Considering the needs of different individuals, we also provide online consultation. The first step to make an appointment for an online consultation is to fill out the appointment form through the QR code. After receiving it, we will contact you within 48 working hours to set up the first appointment, send you some important information about counseling, including the charges and the principle of confidentiality.


For the privacy and security of the counseling session, the counselor will use our company’s private Zoom meeting room. After the appointment time is determined, we will send you the ID and password information for joining the Zoom session one day in advance. For your online counseling session, we recommend that you choose a quiet, private location with good internet connectivity. We also recommend you test the network and equipment in advance.


Counseling online is mostly similar to face-to-face counseling. In order to get to know you better, in the first consultation the counselor may ask some questions about your current situation, your early years, your previous  experiences with counselors, and your expectations and goals for consultation. It is a process of relationship building and emotional exploration that will take time and patience. The counselor will provide you with a safe, warm and comfortable space where you can relax and safely express yourself. Our counselors take time to give you the positive attention you deserve, to listen and understand, to empathize with you, and help you explore your inner world with a sincere heart.


Psychological counseling is a process that promotes personal inner growth. We are willing to create a safe environment for you through the process of counseling, and establish a trustworthy relationship to accompany you through the growth and change of life.